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Sousa and Geeraerts win 1st Catalonia Open

13 September 2012

From Left to right:
Isi Chaparro (Ladies singles runner Up) José Sousa (Men singles winner)
Kathy Geeraerts (Ladies singles winner) Antº Jimenez “Toñako” (Men singles runner up) 1. Jose Sousa Catalonia 1. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium 2. Antonio Jimenez Cabrera Spain 2. Isidra Chaparro Catalonia 3. Peter Sajwani Sweden 3. Laura Damont Catalonia 3. Marcus Elffors Sweden 3. Jane Shearing England 5. Sergio Esparcia Catalonia 5. Anette Tillbom Sweden 5. Doro Bermudez Catalonia 5. Ma Jose Gomez Sanchez Catalonia 5. Aj Urmston-Toft England 5. Loli Cascales Catalonia 5. Juan Robles Catalonia 5. Regina Miret Catalonia 9. Sergio Garrido Catalonia 9. Sandra Gomez Sanchez Catalonia 9. Antonio Muñoz Ramos Catalonia 9. Mar Gonzalez Catalonia 9. J Antonio Justicia Spain 9. Johanna Söderlund Finland 9. David Gallarin Spain 9. Iolanda Riba Catalonia 9. Carlos Martin Castro Spain 9. Karen Turner England 9. Marti Marti Santamaria Catalonia 9. Isabel Hernandez Catalonia 9. Tomas Agustin Garcia Spain 9. Pepi Del Pozo Catalonia 9. Josep Reina Catalonia 9. Beatriz Berber Catalonia

Thanks to the support that we have received, to make this dream a reality… the 1st Catalonian Open

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