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Swiss Open 2016 – results

Swiss Open was played 04/06/2016 MZH Stutz, Liestal, Switzerland with 149 men, 30 women and 9 youth.


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Men’s singels finalists
Jeffrey Sparidaans NLD
Geert de Vos BEL Women’s champion
Deta Hedman ENG Youth singles finalists
Jan Schlemmer GER
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez AUT

27 years after her first Swiss Open Ladies Singles success, Deta Hedman did it again (for the sixth time). Geert de Vos runner-up again (3rd time) in the Mens Singles. Fantastic final performance of Rusty Jake Rodriguez in the Youth Singles final. We are all happy with a fine tournament.

WDF Tables updated with these results 06/06/2016.


MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 1 Deta Hedman England Geert de Vos Belgium 2 Aileen de Graaf Netherlands Mike Holz Germany 3 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands Maarten Gerritsen Netherlands 3 Marjolein Noijens Netherlands Ian Jopling England 5 Katharina Vonrufs Switzerland Dave Prins England 5 Angela Heinrich Switzerland Stephan Gerritsen Netherlands 5 Maret Liiri Finland Marco Apollonio Italy 5 Bianka Strauch Germany James Hurrell England 9 Fiona Gaylor Switzerland Jan Schlemmer Germany 9 Marley van de Heuvel Netherlands Gino Vos Netherlands 9 Jeannette Stoop Switzerland Tom Becker Luxembourg 9 Sarah Bartlome Switzerland Peter Schoenauer Switzerland 9 Colette Rudin Switzerland Sven Verdonck Belgium 9 Lina Huynh Switzerland Wilco Vermeulen Netherlands 9 Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands Urs Vonrufs Switzerland 9 Deborah Speck Switzerland


Position OPEN YOUTH SINGLES Country 1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez Austria 2 Jan Schlemmer Germany 3 Javanico Jansen Netherlands 3 Gian van Veen Netherlands