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TOTO Dutch Open Darts in September is unfortunately cancelled

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 infections in our country, the government announced new measures on July 9. One of the most important measures is that no multi-day events are allowed until August 13. It will then be assessed whether events will be allowed again afterwards. As a result, there is a lot of uncertainty about the possibilities of organising something after August 13.

With pain in our hearts, we, the Dutch Darts Bond and De Bonte Wever, have decided not to let the Dutch Open Darts take place on September 3, 4 and 5, 2021.

Due to the new measures, we have ended up in a difficult and unclear situation. Because our first concern is the health of all darts players, visitors, volunteers, partners, suppliers and staff. We must be able to properly fulfill this responsibility, so good preparation and knowing what we must consider is extremely important. That is not possible under the current circumstances. The new uncertainty also creates too many organisational challenges and costs.

At the same time, we now want to offer clarity to everyone who would participate, cooperate and have been looking forward to this tournament. That is why we had to make this difficult decision.

We appreciate and share in the disappointment, but we assume that there is also understanding for this choice. We now look forward to hosting the WDF World Masters on 2-5 December 2021 and the return of the TOTO Dutch Open Darts on 4-6 February 2022.


As of this moment, registration is closed. Everyone will receive their full registration fee refunded within two weeks.

Booked a hotel room in De Bonte Wever and/or entrance tickets:

Anyone who has booked a room in De Bonte Wever, during the weekend of the TOTO Dutch Open Darts, will shortly receive an email from De Bonte Wever with more information. Purchased tickets will be cancelled and payments will be refunded.

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