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Transgender Position Statement

25 April 2024

Amid heightened conversation around the participation of female transgender players in ranked darts events, the World Darts Federation (WDF) wishes to clarify and reiterate its current position. 

The WDF's Transgender Athlete Policy, which is available to read on the WDF website, states: 

The WDF believes in equal opportunity for all people to participate in the sport of darts, as athletes, coaches, officials, staff and other volunteers. However, in instances where a Transgender individual wishes to compete, the WDF will consider eligibility guidelines to ensure a fair and level playing field for all participants.


The following conditions will be used to determine the individual’s eligibility to compete:

- Male-to-female (MTF) transgendered persons, to compete as a female, must submit documentation from a medical practitioner that gender reassignment has been ongoing for at least one year.

- Female-to-male (FTM) transgendered persons, to compete as a male, must submit documentation from a medical practitioner that gender reassignment is ongoing. 

Any Transgender person who wishes to participate in any WDF event will be required to show an official government-issued ID that indicates their gender.

Athletes, coaches, officials, etc. must be aware that they may be subject to doping control testing and will be subject to the WDF Anti-Doping Policy according to the gender provided at registration or after declaration, as applicable.

At last year's AGM, held during the WDF World Cup in Denmark, the WDF Executive provided a report on this matter for its Member Countries. That report took into account existing research from strength and precision sports, as well as the potential legal and human rights violations that could arise should transgender participation be revoked. Ultimately, that report concluded: "Until there are clearer studies on the visuospatial differences, the WDF will continue to permit transgender female athletes to play in WDF Ranked Women’s tournaments as per the existing Transgender Policy." 

No significant or conclusive scientific evidence has been provided to the WDF since the AGM in September and, as such, the WDF will continue to permit Transgender players who satisfy the existing criteria to play in the gender category they are now registered as. Should any definitive studies be provided in the future, these will be reviewed appropriately amid wider discussions with legal representatives and other darting regulatory bodies.