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United International Open (West Fries) CANCELLED

The United International Open/Masters (West Fries) weekend 6-8 March 2020 has been cancelled by the tournament organisers.  The Dutch Darts Association (NDB) have issued the following statement.
The United International Open Darts would be held from March 6th–8th. Today, the Dutch Darts Association has been told by the organisation that this tournament will not take place.

The United International Open Darts is a tournament of a private organisation and not a tournament of the Dutch Darts Association (NDB). As a national association, the NDB is only involved in the application for international ranking points and furthermore not involved in the organisation of the tournament. If an international tournament is played, the national body in that country is responsible that the prize money will be paid as advertised. This does not apply to other costs, such as the refund of registration fees and/or travel costs for players if a tournament is cancelled.

The NDB regrets this situation for the players and hopes for a decent settlement for the players and everyone that is involved.

The WDF does not assume any liability for tournaments that have applied for WDF ranking points  via their national body, which are subsequently cancelled.  The WDF shares the sentiments of the NDB in that we hope players will be recompensed by the organisation directly responsible and urge any players inconvenienced to contact them directly.