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Victoria Easter Classic 2017, Australia – results

Victoria Easter Classic was played 16/04/2017 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia with 60 men, 27 women and 12 youth.

WDF Tables updated with these results 19/04/2017.

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Tic Bridge Australia 1 Corrine Hammond Australia Adam Rowe Australia 2 Natalie Carter Australia Corey Cadby Australia 3 Tori Kewish Australia Dave Concannon Australia 3 Melina Van Den Kieboom Australia Robbie King Australia 5 Lavina Hogg Australia Steve Duke Snr Australia 5 Angela Clarke Australia John Weber Australia 5 Karen Konieczny Australia Peter Sutton Australia 5 Leanne Wilson Australia Andrew Meiselbach Australia 9 Jade Lock Australia Rhys Mathewson Australia 9 Renata Downs Australia Dave Hanel Australia 9 Veronica Geisler Australia Justin Thompson Australia 9 Helen Taylor Australia Mitchell Clegg Australia 9 Kayleigh Johnson Australia David Putt Australia 9 Joanne Hadley Australia Ron Bourke Australia 9 Kim Kelly Australia Justin Hedges Australia 9 Jo Pomorska Australia


Position OPEN YOUTH SINGLES Country 1 Samson Farley Australia 2 Jackson Viccars Australia 3 Randell Skelton Australia 3 Brandon Durston Australia