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WDF Americas Cup 2014 USA – results

15 July 2014

Team USA has successfully defended their WDF America’s Cup title with an 8-2 win over Team Canada.  The two teams easily came out of their group play at the #1 teams.  Team USA defeated Brazil 12-1, Belize 13-0 and Trinidad & Tobago 13-0.  Team Canada defeated Cayman Islands 12-1, Turks & Caicos 12-1 and Barbados 13-0.

The knockout portion of the team event saw Canada defeated group 1 runner-up T&T by a score of 9-1.  Team USA defeated group 2 runner-up Barbados 9-1.  The two teams met in the finals with the United States winning 8-2.

In the men’s singles event, David Cameron of Canada defeated fellow countryman, Ross Snook in the semi-finals.  Romwell Tagalog of the Cayman Island took out both American shooters in the quarters and semi’s to face Cameron in the finals.  Cameron defeated Tagalog 4-0.

In the women’s singles event, it was a clash of two Canadian players in the finals.  Joanne Luke had defeated Sandy Hudson of the USA and Cindy Veith defeated Brenda Roush, also of the USA.  Luke defeated Veith 3-1.

The youth format was a round robin format to start.  Each played each other 5 games.  Jaret Dion of Canada finished with 28 points and won the group.  Breydon Rosson of the Bahamas finished 2nd with 19.  The two players faced each other in the finals with Dion coming out on top.

Congratulations to all the 2014 WDF America’s Cup Champions!

Event Champion  Runner-Up  Results  Team United States Canada Link Men Dave Cameron (Canada) Romwell Tagalog (Cayman Islands) Link Women Joanne Luke (Canada) Cindy Veith (Canada) Link Youth Jaret Dion (Canada) Breydon Rosson (Bahamas) Link