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WDF Approved Updates – Target Corona Vision Lighting System

03 February 2018

Target Corona Vision lighting system is the second endorsement of its kind for a Target Darts lighting system, following the approval of Target’s Vision 360.


Bill Hatter, President of the World Darts Federation, reports,

We recently had the pleasure of testing the new Corona lighting system from Target and would like to report the following.

It is our pleasure to report that the Corona lighting system displayed a very consistent illuminated lighting area over the dart board with no movement or vibration that disrupts the lighting when the system was struck by a dart.

For this latest test, we used all levels of activities and we are happy to report that it survived the “game of kids” with no disruption pertaining to its attachment to the board, or any lighting deficiencies when struck by a dart.

It held up extremely well, and we are happy to report that this system will be, in our opinion, an improvement on its predecessor and an anticipated success for Target Sports.

The Corona lighting system provided an improved, consistent, non-disruptive lighting to the dart board that will enhance the play on any board its attached to.

In our tests we used Winmau and NODOR dart boards with no problems at all relating to the attachment of the lighting system to the dart board.

With over 65 countries enjoying WDF membership, we hope our endorsement will eliminate any doubts that anyone may have on the lighting systems integrity.

You may find more detailed information from Target Blog “WDF Approve Target Corona Vision” 22/02/2018″

Target / Corona Vision is now included to Approved by WDF page