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WDF Cups Cancelled for 2021

17 April 2021
Following consultation between the World Darts Federation, the Danish Darts Union and the Hungarian Darts Federation, the decision has been made to cancel the WDF World Cup and WDF Europe Cup Youth for 2021.

Scheduled to take place in Esbjerg (28 September-2 October), the DDU and their commercial partners had made every effort to ensure that the WDF World Cup could still take place in Denmark this year.

However, due to ongoing travel restrictions, varying vaccine administration progress and lockdown measures still in place around the globe, consideration has to be given to all WDF members worldwide.

2019 saw a record 53 countries attend the WDF World Cup in Romania, but following a recent survey of all WDF nations, we now know that it will not be possible to host a World Cup even close to that scale in 2021.

Looking forward, we are delighted that Denmark will remain as hosts for the next WDF World Cup in 2023, with the Korea Darts Federation making the adjustment to now host the event in 2025.

Having been postponed in 2020, the Europe Cup (Spain), Americas Cup (Jamaica) and Asia Pacific Cup (Chinese Taipei) are set to be held in 2022 as planned.


Similar consideration has been given to the WDF Europe Cup Youth tournament, scheduled to take place in Budapest (7-11 July).  Again, the HDF have given their full cooperation and were optimistic to run the event in 2021.

The welfare of the players remains our primary concern and the mutual decision has been made to reschedule the event in Hungary for 2022.

The Austrian Darts Federation will now host the 2023 WDF Europe Cup Youth.


Europe Cup Youth (Hungary)
Americas Cup (Jamaica)
Asia Pacific Cup (Chinese Taipei)
Europe Cup (Spain)

Europe Cup Youth (Austria)
World Cup (Denmark)

Europe Cup Youth
Americas Cup
Asia Pacific Cup
Europe Cup (England)

Europe Cup Youth
World Cup (Korea)

To all WDF members, we thank you once again for your cooperation and consideration in this matter.  There is nothing we want more than to see the world of darts coming together for international competition, creating the unique festival atmosphere that we all enjoy at WDF Cups.  We share your disappointment that these events cannot take place in 2021, but look forward to a spectacular return to international darts in 2022.