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WDF Europe Cup 2018, Hungary – results

WDF Europe Cup 2018 26th – 29th September
Budapest, Hungary

In Hungary were 38 men’s teams and 34 women’s teams. Champions in overall men & women Team England

Draw – Results Event / Champions Men Women Singles Martin Heneghan Republic of Ireland
Knock-out Brackets & Finals Fiona Gaylor Switzerland
Knock-out Brackets & Finals Pairs Scott Mitchell / Daniel Day England
Knock-out Brackets & Finals Deta Hedman / Maria O’Brien England
Knock-out Brackets & Finals 4 person team Team Sweden
Andreas Harrysson, Daniel Larsson,
Edwin Torbjörnsson, Oska Lukasiak
Round Robin  and Order of Play
Finals Team England
Maria O’Brien, Deta Hedman,
Fallon Sherrock, Lorraine Winstanley
Round Robin and Order of Play
Finals  Overall 1. England 92 points

2. Netherlands 85 points
3. Republic of Ireland 76 points
Points Table

1. England 171 points

2. Netherlands 80 points
3. Wales 63 points
Points Table

Live Stream / Recordings

Live stream and recordings in Hungarian Darts Federation’s YouTube channel


Full credits to our Hungarian hosts and official photographer of these pictures.

In Hungarian Darts Federation Facebook page, links to albums
Day 5 – Saturday 1) Action 2) Finals, Presentations and Parade 3) Farewell Banquet
Day 4 – Friday action
Day 3 – Thursday action
Day 2 – Wednesday action
Day 1 – General Meeting, Team Managers Meeting and Opening Ceremony


Thank you for our Hungarian hosts and their volunteers – statistics team. You may find detailed information of all matches from click event and explore matches and click details open.

Singles results and WDF Tables updates

WDF Tables updated with these results 04/08/2018, in singles 152 men and 136 women

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country Martin Heneghan Rep. Ireland 1 Fiona Gaylor Switzerland Pavel Jirkal Czech Republic 2 Robyn Byrne Rep. Ireland Alan Soutar Scotland 3 Rachna David Norway Roger Janssen Belgium 3 Femke Herms Netherlands Nigel Heydon England 5 Fallon Sherrock England John O’Shea Rep. Ireland 5 Lorraine Winstanley England Paul Hogan England 5 Maria O’Brien England Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 5 Ekaterina Cherkasova Russia Michael Meaney Rep. Ireland 9 Anne Willkomm Germany Ulf Ceder Finland 9 Milagros Martinez Spain Ross Montgomery Scotland 9 Rhian O’Sullivan Wales Daniel Day England 9 Marina Kononova Russia Kostantinos Pantelidis Greece 9 Katharina Vonrufs Switzerland Thibault Tricole France 9 Carine Dessein Belgium Oleksandr Mamyka Ukraine 9 Catalina Pasa Austria Oliver Ferenc Serbia 9 Rhian Griffiths Wales Schedule

Local time is CEST – Central European Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time)
UTC +2

Tuesday 13:00 WDF General Meeting 17:00 Team managers meeting 19:30 Opening Ceremony Wednesday 10:00 Men Team: RR All Groups 10:00 Women Team: RR All Groups 12:00-15.00 Lunch * 18:15 Women Team: last 16 18:15 Men Team: Last 16 19:45 End of day 1 Thursday 10:00 Men Singles: Up to and including Semi-Finals 10:00 Women Pairs: Prelim rounds 12:00 Women Pairs: Up to and including semi-Finals 12:00-15.00 Lunch * 18:00 Women Team: Quarter-Finals 19:15 End of day 2 Friday 10:00 Men Pairs: Up to And including the Semi-Finals 10:00 Women Singles: Up to and including Semi -Finals 12:00-15.00 Lunch * 18:00 Men Team: Quarter-Finals 19:50 End of day 3 Saturday 10:00 Men Team & Women Team: Semi-Finals
Men: Norway – Sweden 4-9, Netherlands – Finland 9-6
Women: Sweden – England 7-9, Scotland – Netherlands 3-9 All finals on stage Followed by Women Pairs: Final
Winstanley/Sherrock ENG-B – Hedman/O’Brien ENG-A
Result 5-6 Averages 70.79-70.14 Followed by Men Pairs: Final
Mitchell/Day ENG – Kleermaker/Landman NL
Result 6-3 Averages 83.43-79.48 Followed by Women Singles: Final
Robyn Byrne Republic of Ireland – Fiona Gaylor Switzerland
Result 4-7 Averages 63.01-67.79 Followed by Men Singles: Final
Martin Heneghan Republic of Ireland – Pavel Jirkal Czech Republic
Result 2-7 Averages 76.79-79.72 Followed by Women Team: Final
England – Netherlands
Result 9-1 Averages 67.35-61.92 Followed by Men Team: Final
Netherlands – Sweden
Result 6-9 Averages 85.91-82.58 Followed by Presentations and Parade of Teams 20:30 Farewell Banquet * You can have lunch when you have a free round or in the scheduled break
The venue opens every day at 9.00. List of participating WDF Member Bodies Member Men Women Austria YES YES Belgium YES YES Bulgaria YES YES Catalonia YES YES Cyprus YES NO Czech Republic YES YES Denmark YES YES England YES YES Estonia YES NO Finland YES YES France YES YES Germany YES YES Gibraltar YES NO Greece YES YES Hungary YES YES Iceland YES YES Isle of Man YES YES Italy YES YES Jersey YES YES Latvia YES YES Lithuania YES YES Luxembourg YES YES Malta YES YES Netherlands YES YES Northern Ireland YES YES Norway YES YES Republic of Ireland YES YES Romania YES YES Russia YES YES Scotland YES YES Serbia YES YES Slovakia YES NO Spain YES YES Sweden YES YES Switzerland YES YES Turkey YES YES Ukraine YES YES Wales YES YES Totals 38 34 Some WDF Cup numbers WDF Cup Year Men
National Teams Women
National Teams Europe Cup, Hungary 2018 38 34 World Cup, Japan 2017 28 25 Europe Cup, Netherlands 2016 32 26 World Cup, Turkey 2015 36 29 Europe Cup, Romania 2014 30 25 World Cup, Canada 2013 27 25 Europe Cup, Turkey 2012 30 27 World Cup, Rep. Ireland 2011 27 25 Europe Cup, Turkey 2010 28 27

WDF Europe and also World Cup – Women’s team were first two players and since 2014 WDF Europe Cup, Romania it has been team of four players.