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WDF Membership Announcement 01/01/2019

01 January 2019

New and Lapsed WDF Member Bodies per 01/01/2019

New WDF Member Darts Bodies

The new members effective 1 January 2019 are:

Chinese Taipei – full membership
Thailand – full membership
Croatia – interim membership, approved by WDF Executives 16th November 2018

‘Lapsed’ WDF Member Darts Bodies

The following WDF memberships have lapsed effective 31 December 2018:

‘Terminated’ WDF Member Darts Bodies

Seychelles – interim membership, terminated by WDF Executives 19th October 2018

WDF Membership Constitution 4.00 and Bye-Laws 2.00, see Rules page

More detailed information of WDF Members, see Home / Contacts and Federation / WDF Officials & Members Contact Info