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WDF Monetary Awards:  Scott & Deta Top The 2011 Rankings

The WDF World Ranking Tables for 2011 are now complete.

As is customary, the WDF rewards the most successful players on a worldwide basis in the form of The WDF Annual Monetary Awards. The awards go to the top five men and women in the WDF World Rankings after the conclusion of the final event of 2011.

In addition awards are presented to the top three men and women who finished outside the top five but were best in the three regions which are: Americas, Asia/Pacific and Europe.

The following players will all be receiving their awards early in the New Year.

Men’s Overall World rankings 2011
$2000 Scott Waites (England)
$1500 Dean Winstanley (England)
$1000 Martin Adams (England)
$800   Jan Dekker (Netherlands)
$600   Darryl Fitton (England)Men: Americas Region
$500 Larry Butler (USA)
$300 Tom Sawyer (USA)
$200 Terry Hayhurst (Canada)Men: Asia/Pacific Region
$500 Greg Moss (New Zealand)
$300 Jonathan Silcock (New Zealand)
$200 Lourence Ilagan (Philippines)Men European Region
$500 Steve Douglas (England)
$300 Gary Robson (England)
$200 Paul Jennings (England) Women’s Overall World Rankings 2011
$2000 Deta Hedman (England)
$1500 Irina Armstrong (Russia)
$1000 Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)
$800   Lorraine Farlam (England)
$600   Trina Gulliver (England)Women: Americas Region
$500 Cindy Pardy (Canada)
$300 Stacy Bromberg (USA)
$200 Robin Curry (Canada)Women: Asia/Pacific Region
$500 Carol Forwood (Australia)
$300 Corrine Hammond (Australia)
$200 Jannette Jonathan (New Zealand)Women European Region
$500 Julie Gore (Wales)
$300 Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands)
$200 Maret Liri (Finland)