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WDF Tables 2017

Kuching City Open – also now (21/12) included into WDF Tables.

WDF Tables updated 21/12/2017 – Needed to check French Open 2017 points and also Swedish Open 2017 women points in database, both corrected and updated.

So please remember now and in future, if you find errors in tables (typos or other) please contact us and use WDF Contact Form – Events/Tables

I apologise for the inconvenience caused by these issues what happened earlier this year. Unfortunately, I made mistake in both cases when transferring information from Excel form to database.  I need to think how to enhance updates process and avoid similar issues in future. Also, I’m grateful to you all who have send me messages via contact form now and during this year, you helped me a lot, thank you!

Kind Regards, Taina, WDF Sports Administrator