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WDF Virtual Cup 2020 – Quaterfinals & Follow Live Stream, SCHEDULE

30 October 2020

We have reached the Quarterfinal round of the WDF Virtual Cup 2020! There have been some great matches in the knockout rounds, and we want to thank USA Darts for the job they have done streaming many of these matches. There are 8 different countries represented in both the Womans and the Mens competitions, a total of 14 Nations still competing for the Virtual Cups. The Quarterfinals finished by the end of the day on Monday November 2, and then the Semi-Finals and Finals will proceed after that. With the tournament concluding on or before November 8.

Follow the Action TIME MATCH Sat 31st October 12:00 UTC Mikuru Suzuki, Japan vs. Irina Armstrong, Germany Sat 31st October 20:00 UTC Sebastian Bialecki, Poland vs. Patrik Kovacs, Hungary Sun 1st November 16:30 UTC Aileen de Graaf, Netherlands vs. Ksenia Klochek, Russia Sun 1st November 17:00 UTC Diane Gobeil, Canada vs. Tracey Marie Davies, Wales Sun 1st November 19:00 UTC Adam Gawlas, Czech Republic vs. Alan Soutar, Scotland Sun 1st November 21:00 UTC Anthony Tekira, New Zealand vs. John Williams-Jones Wales Mon 2nd November 19:00 UTC Martin Adams, England vs. Kevin Lane, Isle of Man Mon 2nd November 19:00 UTC Fallon Sherrock, England vs. Marina Letica Croatia DartConnect

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