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WDF World Cup 2011 Boys Singles Finals

24 September 2011

The boys singles finals matchup is between Jimmy Hendriks of the Netherlands and Max Hopp of Germany.  This is a best of 11.  In the first leg Hopp game started off strong with a 100 and 140.  Hendriks followed with a 100 and 136 of his own.  Hopp took the game in 13 darts with a double 20.

Hopp took leg 2 in 18.  The 3rd leg we saw some very impressive darts with both players hitting 140s.  Hopp took the leg in 11 darts to take an early 3-0 lead.  In the 4th leg, Hopp hit is 2nd 180 of the match.  Hendriks again came back with a 140.  Hendriks got on the board 15 darter. 

The 5th leg went to Hendriks to bring the match to 3-2 in favor of Hopp.  Hopp regrouped  took the 6th leg.  Hendriks put together a 13 darter to bring the match back within 1 game. 

With the score 3-2 in favor of Hopp, Hendriks hit a 159 to leave himself 32.  He hit the out with his 2nd dart to square the match at 4 all.

In the 9th leg, Hendriks again hit a big round, 180,  to leave himself a 1 dart out. He took out double 7 for an 18 darter and take his first lead of the match. 

Hendriks took out 124 (20, 54, 50) for a 16 darter and for the WDF World Cup Boy Singles championships 6-4.

Jimmy Hendriks = 32.00
Max Hopp = 30.99