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WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Pairs Finals

24 September 2011

This is a best of 11 match between Adams and O´Shea of England and Engström/Larsson of Sweden. 

England got off to an early start taking the 1st leg in 14 darts.  Sweden came right back with a 104 out after England had a shot at the double.  In the 3rd leg, it was England to go up 2 legs to 1. 

With England and Sweden both missing darts at the double, it was England who took advantage first.  Sweden came right back in the 5th leg with three 140´s to start and an 81 out for a 12 dart finish and with England missing the out shot, Sweden took out double 5 in the 6th leg to even the match at 3 game all.

England took the 7th and 8th leg for a 5 legs to 3 lead and 1 game from the title.  In what ended up being the final leg of the match, England started 180, 140  and 100 but missed several attempts at the out.  Sweden took advantage with a double 10 to come within 1 leg on England but it was not meant to be.  England took the 10th leg to win the WDF World Cup Mens Pairs 6-4. 

England = 27.38
Sweden = 27.78