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WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team Finals

24 September 2011

The team event is a best of 17 with each player playing 1 leg of 501 against each player of the opposing team.  The finals consists of team Finland (Jarkko Komula, Sami Sanssi, Petri Korte and Ulf Ceder) and team England (Scott Waites, Tony O’Shea, Martin Atkins and Martin Adams).

The 1st leg is Komula vs O’Shea with Komula to start.  O’Shea came out flying with a 180, 140, 165 and 16 checkout for a 10 dart 1st leg.  Komula also had a 180 in the leg. 

The 2nd leg is Sanssi vs Waites with Waites to start.  Waites started the leg with a 180 followed by a 135.  He won the leg with a 32 checkout in 13 darts.

The 3rd leg is Korte vs Adams with Korte to start.  This leg what out of character for both players as only 2 rounds of 100+ shots were made.  Even with that said, Korte still took the leg in only 16 darts.

The 4th leg is Ceder vs Atkins with Atkins to start.  Atkins made it 3 of 4 players from the England team to start the leg with a 180 and took the leg in 15 darts to give England a 3-1 lead after the first set of legs.

The 5th leg is Sanssi vs O’Shea with Sanssi to start.  This leg had both players going back to back with 100+ shots. With O’Shea sitting on 32, Sannsi hits the double 16 to win the leg.

The 6th leg is Komula vs Adams with Adams to start.  Komula was first to an out shot but missed the 81.  Adams wired a 131 checkout of his own.  Komula did not waste his second chance and won the leg against the throw to even the match at 3 a piece.

The 7th leg is Ceder vs Waites with Ceder to start.  Waites takes out a 64 with Ceder on 111 to regain the lead for England.

The 8th leg is Korte vs Atkins with Atkins to start.  Korte just missed a 118 out and Atkins just missed the 110 checkout.  Korte did not fail on his second attempt at the leg and hit double 20 for the win and to even the match one again.

The 9th leg is Ceder vs Adams with Adams to start.  Ceder started the leg 140, 140 while Adams hit two 140’s is hit first 3 throws.  Adams just missed a shot at the 161 checkout but Ceder could not answer with a 98 checkout.  However, Adams failed to hit the double 8 and Ceder won the leg to give Finland their first lead of the match 5-4.

The 10th leg is Komula vs Waites with Komula to start.  Waites started the lef 100, 180 and Komula started 140, 100.  Waites was the first with an out shot and missed the 76.  Komula had a 160 chance but did not have a shot at the double.  Waites took out 36.

With the score tied 5-5, the current averages for the teams are:
Finland = 83.96
England = 90.82

The 11th leg is Sanssi vs Atkins with Sanssi to start.  With both players missing shots at the double, Atkins clipped the double 10 to regain the lead 6-5 for England.

The 12th leg is Korte vs O’Shea with O’Shea to start.  O’Shea takes out a 68 for a 7-5 lead for England.

The 13th leg is Komula vs Atkins with Komula to start.  Atkins failed to score over 100 in the lef and Komula had a 20 checkout to bring the match within 1.

The 14th leg is Sanssi vs Adams with Adams to start.  Sanssi is the first to leave himself an out shot with a 126.  Adams followed to leave himself 107.  Neither out was hit and Sanssi missed his attempt at an 83.  Adams then followed with a 16 checkout to bring England within one leg of the title.

The 15th leg is Korte vs Waites with Korte to start.  Waites started the match 100, 180, 100 and missed the 121 checkout.  Waites missed a checkout of 8 to leave Korte a 170 shot.  He scored a 134 to put some pressure of Waites.  Waites missed again.  And Korte hit the double 18 on his first dart to keep Finland alive.

The 16th leg is Ceder vs O’Shea with O’Shea to start.  Ceder checkout’s 56 to bring the match to a deciding leg.  The deciding leg is a decision by the team.  Each team picks 1 player for the leg.

The teams decided on Komula for Finland and Waites for England.  Waites starts the game with a 140.  Komula follows with a 61.  Waites follows with a 100.  Komula draw the leg closer with a 140 of his own.  Waites hits a 137 to leave himself 124 with Komula sitting on 200 after his latest throw.  Waites just misses the double bull and leaves 25.  Komula hits 140 to leave 60.  Waites hits singles 9 and double 8 in 2 darts to win the WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team championships.

Finland = 27.93
England = 28.85