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WDF World Cup 2011 Womens Singles Finals

24 September 2011

The womens singles finals was played between Trina Gulliver or England and Julie Gore of Wales in a best of 13 match.  In the 1st leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 18 and Gore took the leg.  Gore then started off strong in the 2nd leg with a 100 and 135.  She was first to the double and hit it for a 2-0 lead.

In the 4th leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 10 and Gore checkout a 124 for an 18 dart leg.  In the 5th, after missed doubles by both players, Gulliver got on the board by hitting the double 1 and then took the 5th and 6th legs as well to even up the match.

Gulliver hit two 140`s in the 7th leg and checked out a 48 in 20 darts to take her 4th consecutive leg and her first lead of the match.  Gulliver continued her win streak by winning the 8th leg as well.  Gore put together an impressive 15 darter in the 9th leg and the 5th leg in 22 to draw the match even at 5 all.

With both players sitting on 100, Gore had the first attempt and did not miss.  This was the 3rd consecutive leg for Gore and put her back in the lead and 1 away from the title.  Gulliver just missed a 170 and Gore had 2 darts at the match but missed.  Gulliver hit the double 4 to send the match into it`s deciding leg.

Gulliver won the bull and started the leg.  With two 100`s in the game, Gulliver had a big lead.  She missed a few doubles to let Gore back into the leg and with Gore sitting on 38, Gulliver hit the double 1 with her second dart to become the WDF World Cup Womens Singles 7-6.

Trina Gulliver = 22,29
Julie Gore = 23,13