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Winmau Polish Open 2016 weekend – press release and results

Last weekend in Police Town, Poland at the Dobosz Hotel was played 6th edition of the WDF/BDO Winmau Polish Open. As usual, the weekend started the pairs tournament  in which won in the ladies competition Deta Hedman/Rachel Brooks (ENG) and at the mens polish pair Krzysztof Ratajski/Krzysztof Kciuk (POL).

On Saturday in the main event WDF/BDO Winmau Polish Open played 64 ladies and 300 men. The ladies competition was won by Deta Hedman (ENG) defeating 5:4 Aileen de Graaf (NED) after thrilling final with averages 78.7 (Deta) and 75.8 (Aileen), while in mens event Darren Clifford (NI) defeated 6:1 Key Smith (NED) with average close to 84.  Girls tournament  won by Veerle Hamelink, in the boys won Gijsbert van Malsem.

On Sunday was played WDF/BDO Police Masters. Womans final of the same composition and with… same result. Deta proves great form in Poland, a week after winning the Welsh Open. In the mens competition James Hurrell (ENG) defeating 6:2 Jeffren Spaaridans (NED). Girls tournament  won by Leni Nielsen, in the boys won Dennis Wunsch.

WDF Tables updated.

Polish Open on Saturday 21/05/2016

MEN’S SINGLES COUNTRY POS WOMEN’S SINGLES COUNTRY Darren Clifford Northern Ireland 1 Deta Hedman England Kay Smeets Netherlands 2 Aileen De Graaf Netherlands Robert Allenstein Germany 3 Veronika Ihasz Hungary Mark Blandford England 3 Rachel Brooks England Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 5 Malgorzata Markowska Poland Andy Baetens Belgium 5 Stefanie Zwitkowitsch Germany Fabian Roosenbrand Netherlands 5 Anne Willkomm Germany Scott Waites England 5 Renata Slowikowska Poland Krzysztof Ratajski Poland 9 Mandy Smith England Danny Blom Netherlands 9 Stefanie Luck Germany Oskar Lukasiak Sweden 9 Maret Liiri Finland Geert De Vos Belgium 9 Cindy Deboeck Belgium Madars Razma Latvia 9 Jana Kanovska Czech Republic Sven Verdonck Belgium 9 Katarzyna Zabka Poland Dennis Watt Scotland 9 Vanessa Denies Belgium Martin Atkins(Lanc) England 9 Martina Sulovska Slovakia


BOY’S SINGLES COUNTRY POS GIRL’S SINGLES COUNTRY Gijsbert van Malsen Netherlands 1 Veerle Hamelink Netherlands Jaimy van Bavel Netherlands 2 Mia Ebenau Denmark Javanico Jansen Germany 3 Klaudia Przybyła Poland Marcel Karau Netherlands 3 Leni Nielsen Denmark


Police Masters on Sunday 22/05/2016

MEN’S SINGLES COUNTRY POS WOMEN’S SINGLES COUNTRY James Hurrell England 1 Deta Hedman England Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 2 Aileen de Graaf Netherlands Kevin Burness Northern Ireland 3 Rachel Brooks England Kay Smeets Netherlands 3 Jana Kanovska Czech Republic Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 5 Veronica Ihasz HUNGARY Geert De Vos Belgium 5 Maret Liiri Finland Fabian Roosenbrand Netherlands 5 Gitte Banke Denmark Patrick Morelissen Netherlands 5 Stefanie Zwitkowitsch Germany Krzysztof Ratajski Poland 9 Ann Chilton England Andy Baetens Belgium 9 Malgorzata Markowska Poland Danny Blom Netherlands 9 Andrea Rochow Germany Pal Szekely Hungary 9 Mandy Smith England Andy Fordham England 9 Sue Cusick England Sven Verdonck Belgium 9 Martina Sulovska Slovakia Derek Lumley England 9 Dagrmar Komorova Czech Republic Scott Waites England 9 Vanessa Denies Belgium


BOY’S SINGLES COUNTRY POS GIRL’S SINGLES COUNTRY Dennis Wunsch Germany 1 Veerle Hamelink Netherlands Ron Kolberg Netherlands 2 Mia Ebenau Denmark Jaimy van Bavel Netherlands 3 Leni Nielsen Denmark Sebastian Bialecki Poland 3