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Zuiderduin Master 2014 – results

Englishman Jamie Hughes has won the final of the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 for men. His opponent Gary Robson started with winning two legs in a row in the first set. The second leg Robson ended with a 135 finish, but after this great performance it was Jamie Hughes who reigns in this match.

Hughes who made his debut on this stage won 14 legs in a row before Robson won an other leg in the 5th set. Robson in this set came back from 2-0 down to 2-1 but in the 4th leg Jamie was the first on a finish. One darts was enough to finish the game and to claim the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 mens title.

Anastasia Dobromyslova, Zuiderduin Masters 2012 Champion played the final against the reigning Zuiderduin Masters ladies Champion Aileen de Graaf. It was a very close match and in the first set after Aileen took the first leg Anastasia won 3 legs in a row for the first set.

In the second set the first leg was for Anastasia and now Aileen won 3 legs in a row for 1-1 in sets. In the 3rd and final set after a 2-2 score Aileen won the throw at the bull to start the final leg but it was Anastasia who went first for a 17 finish. She busted and now Aileen had the chance to finish 82 but she missed the bull .

The second chance Anastasia had she found the double and became the new Zuiderduin Masters 2014 ladies Champion.

The Youth title was for Callan Rydz from England. Callan a few weeks ago the runner up of the Winmau World Masters boys final had a good start against Mike van Duivenbode from the Netherlands. Mike play unfortunately, he could not find the double and lost the first set 3-1.

In the second set the same problems for Mike and despite Callan his score where less then the first set Mike did not take his chances and so this set also was for Callan who won the Zuiderduin Masters Yout title on his debut

Results of the other matches of today

Semi finals men

Tony O’Shea – Jamie Hughes 2 – 3

Geert De Vos – Gary Robson 2 – 3

Quarter finales

Darryl Fitton – Tony O’Shea 2 – 3

Jamie Hughes – Michel van der Horst 3 – 2

Rick Hofstra – Geert De Vos 0 – 3

Gary Robson  – Martin Adams  3 – 2