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Zuiderduin Masters Internationaal Darts Tournament

photo credits to “PR Zuiderduin Masters”

The 10th edition of the Masters started on Friday the 9th with 12 matches. 8 Men groups, two ladies groups and 2 youth player groups. From each group the numbers 2 and 3 in the group played first. In the men’s tournament in each group the number one is the seeded player. Also in the two ladies groups the numbers one are the seeded players according the Zuiderduin Masters rankings.

For the boys event the number one in each group came out by the draw. In the format the player that loses the first game will play Saturday in the afternoon against the number one of each group. In the evening session the player who wins the first match plays against the number one of the group.

Because this system the decision who will be the players in the quarter finals is made in the last match in the groups.

Tonight we had some great moments in the games. Jan Dekker hits a 170 finish in his match against Benito van de Pas. And also Youth player Jeffrey de Zwaan scored a 170 finish in his game against Sven Groen.

Anastasia Dobromyslova playing  the reigning Lakeside World Pro ladies, Trina Gulliver scored a wonderful 160 finish and won the match 4-2. Here the results of the matches of the Friday evening session

tijd speler 1 speler 2 uitslag 19:30 D – Joey ten Berge – Edwin Max 4 5 19:50 LB – Aileen de Graaf – Tamara Schuur 4 2 20:10 C  – Darryl Fitton – Salmon Renyaan 5 3 20:40 YA – Sven Groen – Jeffrey de Zwaan 4 0 21:00 H – Scott Waites – Geert De Vos 5 3 21:25 G – Jan Dekker – Benito van de Pas 5 3 21:45 YB – Jimmy van Schie – Mike Zuydwijk 1 4 22:10 E – Scott Mitchell – Remon Hurrebrink 5 2 22:30 B – Christian Kist – Fabian Roosenbrand 1 5 22:55 LA – Trina Gulliver – Anastasia Dobromyslova 2 4 23:15 A – Steve Douglas – Wesley Harms 5 3 23:40 F  – Martin Adams – Alan Norris 5 2