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WDF Cups

WDF World Cup 2011 Republic of Ireland – results

WDF World Cup Castlebar, Republic of Ireland 20-24 September 2011 For the first time in WDF World Cup history, a country swept all 3 World Cups.  The England Men’s team dominated the competition by winning the men’s World Cup by 72 points.  England men’s team won the team event, finished 1st and

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WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team Finals

The team event is a best of 17 with each player playing 1 leg of 501 against each player of the opposing team.  The finals consists of team Finland (Jarkko Komula, Sami Sanssi, Petri Korte and Ulf Ceder) and team England (Scott Waites, Tony O’Shea, Martin Atkins and Martin Adams).

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WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Singles Finals

A best of 13 match between England’s Martin Adams and England’s Scott Waites.  It was Adams to throw first but with the help of a early 180, Waites took out the game in 17 darts.  The second leg saw Waites hit two 140’s and while both players missed shots at

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WDF World Cup 2011 Womens Singles Finals

The womens singles finals was played between Trina Gulliver or England and Julie Gore of Wales in a best of 13 match.  In the 1st leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 18 and Gore took the leg.  Gore then started off strong in the 2nd leg with a 100 and

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WDF World Cup 2011 Youth Pairs Finals

Max Hopp and Ann-Kathrin Wigmann of Germany played Jake Jones and Fallon Sherrock will played in a best of 11 matchup.  England started strong in the first leg with a 180 coming from Jones.  They took the first leg in 20 darts.  In the 2nd leg, England missed an attempt

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WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Pairs Finals

This is a best of 11 match between Adams and O´Shea of England and Engström/Larsson of Sweden.  England got off to an early start taking the 1st leg in 14 darts.  Sweden came right back with a 104 out after England had a shot at the double.  In the 3rd

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